Bellamy Brown, An Independent Candidate Running For Charlottesville City Council, Joined Keith Smith & Jerry Miller On “Real Talk!”

by Keith Smith, Executive Producer

Bellamy W. Brown, an independent candidate running for Charlottesville City Council, joined Keith Smith and me on “Real Talk” across The I Love CVille Network. We discussed the following:

1. We updated everyone on Bellamy’s campaign.
2. We discussed affordable housing in CVille.
3. We analyzed the role the University of Virginia must play in the City of Charlottesville.
4. We brainstormed the value proposition of a more robust public transportation system and how it applies to affordable housing.
5. We assessed the relationship between Charlottesville and Albemarle County.
6. We talked about the importance of auxiliary dwelling units (ADUs).
7. We discussed how gentrification has impacted Charlottesville, especially the African American community in CVille.
8. We talked about zoning and the proliferation of R1 Zoning (single family detached) around Charlottesville.
9. We pondered the “Red Tape” created by local government and how it impacts the development ecosystem in and around Charlottesville.

“Real Talk” is presented by Keith Smith, Yonna Smith and The YES Team Realtors and airs every Friday at 10:15 am on The I Love CVille Network.

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