Lloyd Snook, Michael Payne & Sena Magill Joined Keith Smith & Jerry Miller On “Real Talk!”

by Keith Smith, Executive Producer

Lloyd Snook, Michael Payne and Sena Magill, the three candidates who are running for Charlottesville City Council on the democratic ticket, joined Keith Smith and me on “Real Talk” for a special 2-hour live show on The I Love CVille Network. This was without question the most watched town hall forum in Charlottesville, Virginia history.

There are three city council spots up for reelection in November. This is arguably the most important Charlottesville City Council election of all-time.

“Real Talk” is presented by Keith Smith, Yonna Smith and The YES Team Realtors and airs every Friday at 10:15 am on The I Love CVille Network.

Listen to the full show as an iTunes Podcast here: https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/lloyd-snook-michael-payne-sena-magill-joined-keith/id1473278344?i=1000448825328

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